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Our Goal

United for Social Justice (USJ) hosts an annual soccer tournament is organized to promote higher education and healthy living among Northern Virginia high school students, targeting students who come from low-income and at-risk households. USJ engages community
leaders, young professionals, and college students in our efforts to prepare a new generation of young professionals prepared to contribute to business and society. We strive to help our students
understand the importance of good mental and physical health. Consider joining our team and help us promote both higher education and healthy living among our youth by sponsoring our annual soccer tournament.

The Need

Our students are faced with a harsh reality, a reality that forces them to work part-time after school to support their families or babysit their little siblings until their parents return home.
Our students are bright, but the odds are against them—having no one at home to guide or encourage them to go to college, witnessing a dire need for money to survive everyday, and living in neighborhoods polluted with gang activity. At USJ, we believe in our students’ potential. We use every resource at our disposal to
educate, inspire, and ultimately lead students to the realization that they can achieve anything they set their minds to, especially obtaining a higher education degree to end the cycle of poverty in their households. Consequently, this soccer tournament will not only serve as an opportunity to promote healthy living and higher education, but it will also show our students that the community they live in believes in them and what they can offer to society. The tournament is a wonderful opportunity for you to gain visibility in the Northern Virginia region and build your name recognition. We invite you to review this packet to learn more about USJ, the tournament and how you can help.



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